It can be very exciting to be getting a new laptop. This promises faster speed, more memory and better battery life for a more efficient user experience. However, if you do not take those preventive action before using the new machine, it’s all for personal glory. 10 Things to doContinue Reading

No one can argue that the way we work has been changed dramatically by computers. Gone are the days when people were sitting in offices, piling up piles of paper documents. Computers have brought file storage and organization into and out of the workspace, making communication with each other simpler.Continue Reading

Windows 10 continues to keep growing in popularity, with recent data revealing that 34.92 percent of PC users are running the operating system. The figures come with the help of Netmarketshare, an organization that monitors on the internet through operating systems people use. While the company can’t determine every laptopContinue Reading

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