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Whether driving your car during your everyday activities or going on a vacation with your family or friends, you don’t want to be caught in the traffic, it doesn’t matter. Getting a reliable app is one of the easiest ways to prevent that. Android smartphones have loosened people’s transport system over the Internet. Use your Android app to find your destination, rent a taxi, book train / bus tickets etc. Those apps use your device’s GPS chip to provide travel information. But in traffic there are a lot of people, who usually waste much of their precious time. There are a number of traffic apps that send you real-time information about that area’s traffic and provide an alternate route. If you are searching for the best Android traffic applications, check out the list below.

Google Maps

With Google Search’s power, you will find a place that is based on the destination name or physical address. Google Maps combines with Google Local data whether you’re looking for places to eat or something to do, so you can find the best user-rated destinations for wherever you’re looking.

Google Maps ‘ turn-by-turn directions are well-timed, and based on past driving experience you can customize your route. That feature is useful as your app is always searching for fast alternatives and options are popping up quickly so you can turn to various road choices easily.

Google Maps also features a high set of of offline maps, enabling you to save your data link or navigate roads in spotty cell phone coverage areas. Google Maps easily integrates with other Google Products.


Waze is a fully featured application that can help you quickly navigate city streets. Waze also provides traffic information crowd-sourced by other Waze users, in addition to supporting regular directions and speed limit warnings.

This app has a fantastic user interface that displays different icons for traffic collisions, driving hazards, cameras with red lights, and a heads-up over approaching speed traps.

Waze’s search feature allows you to search by address or location name and recommend places based on your location and experience of driving.

A nice touch is that you can connect with your contacts via Waze if you’re going to pick up a friend and they can see how far you’re from picking them up.


Sygic features traditional navigation software, such as turn-by-turn directions and search functionality, but it’s also full of add-on benefits. The base application is free, including offline map download options, add-on features, many less than $5, including the ability to project a heads-up display and see real views of your road.

Driving Route Finder

Are you tired and sick of wasting time and waiting? But you just never want any stranger to come and ask for directions? IF yes then Driving Route Finder is the perfect Android traffic device for you. The app is user friendly and very intuitive. Easy drag and drop controls make this one of the simplest apps to navigate and flow around. The best part is that you can also access the exact route in text format.

This app’s pin system makes preventing traffic and plot routes fast. Simply put the green pin at the start and the red pin where you want to go and you get the best possible route.


Inrix is a nice app with some great features for the traffic. This app provides live traffic information, construction safety alerts, hazards, accidents and weather updates that can slow your travels down. You may also report accidents that may be help to other drivers.


Brands come and go in the world of navigation apps and since the days of online searching and printing directions, MapQuest has been around before setting off on a journey. The MapQuest app today is fairly easy to use and provides travel options by car, public transport, private ride sharing, or walking — closer than what Google and Apple have. Admittedly, the contrasting shades of gray on the chart are not the easiest to follow from a brief glance down to the cupholder where the phone is placed, but ETAs are fairly reliable and the display’s readability— when in motion — is clear.

InRoute Route Planner

Google Maps and Waze are fantastic apps to be able to navigate city streets on short journeys, but these apps were not designed for long, multi-stop road trips. For this purpose inRoute allows you to map a route in an intuitive interface with up to five stops.

Since this app was developed for long road trips, app users will frequently search for places of interest such as a gas station or restaurant from a certain distance away from you. This allows drivers to consider the best route to a destination based on the stops and services available on the way.

ViaMichelin GPS Traffic Speedcam Route Planner

Michelin Navigation is a free android traffic app that helps in your daily travels. The app has real-time traffic updates ensuring you’ll know when morning traffic is jammed at the bridge. The app also tells you when a specific path is blocked and provides alternatives to that, luckily. This app is truly attractive due to its streamlined and uncluttered presentation.

Actually the app tracks traffic on every road and informs you how long it takes to reach your destination. This means the application smartly adds more time according to the traffic load to the usual length of travel.


Using the traffic app is free and provides some nice travel features. You can use this app to navigate the city by finding the fastest routes, turning by navigation and discovering the local places. With this app, you can even get a public transport service.


In traffic there’s no greater feeling than finding green light after green light. Perhaps if, so to speak, you could “ride the wave,” and miss the red lights all the time? That’s VicTraffic’s pledge, a vehicle-to-infrastructure app that helps to keep traffic moving and less pressure on the vehicles and drivers inside it. Drivers that use VicTraffic can see a suggested speed to optimize uninterrupted stop-and-go traffic. It’s the dream of an Urban Planner. The catch? The application is currently undergoing trials in Melbourne, Australia, with no plans to launch it in the U.S.— yet.

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