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Auto theft is extremely common. Many times, tracing your car after it has been stolen is almost impossible, which is why getting a way to know a vehicle’s location at all times can be the difference between finding your car and purchasing a replacement. A GPS tracker will allow you to track a vehicle’s position wherever it goes, so take a look at our reviews of top automotive GPS trackers.

Vyncs GPS Tracker

The Vyncs GPS tracks location, unsafe driving habits, engine diagnostics, battery life, maintenance requirements, recall notices, and fuel levels.

This evaluates your driving to give you a score of the Tip Performance Index (TPI), which can allow you to save money on insurance. Its free companion app, VyncsMiles, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and is able to track and categorize mileage using both personal and business use.

Vyncs makes use of one-year contracts rather than month-to-month packages. This kind of pricing can save you cash if you’re committed to tracking the location of your vehicle for some time.

You can also check out the Basic, Premium, and Pro plans for Vync which sweeten the deal with services such as roadside assistance. Vyncs also has a Fleet service for business customers who may want to track their staff during deliveries or routes.

The OBD GPS device plug-in costs around $75 and comes with a one-year basic plan subscription (and a $30 one-time activation fee). The annual cost of renewal is about the same and works at around $6 a month, making it the least expensive GPS on our list.

We don’t like the default refresh period being three minutes-the quickest refresh time (15 seconds) is only available for an additional fee. The user interface is a little tricky to manage too.

Spytec STI GL300MA GPS Tracker

Car GPS trackers give you peace of mind when caring for the elderly parents or keeping an eye on your children in an emergency situation. The Spytec STI GL300MA uses an app that you can download to your smartphone, tablet or computer which gives you the ability to set up a geo-fence to track GPS in real time. If the tracker leaves the designated area, a text or email message will be sent to you.

The built-in lithium-ion battery lasts between charges for two weeks, so that you can set it up and forget it. Spytec also offers extra battery packs on a single charge to carry you up to six months of use. The tracker itself has a compact design, perfect for putting it out of the way in a console, glovebox, coat pocket or under a cushion. A magnetic case is also available for well positioning of the chassis, bumper, or wheel. The tracker needs a monthly fee, and both an unconditional lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer service support.

MOTOsafety Teen GPS Tracking Device

For parents of new drivers the MOTOsafety Teen GPS Tracking Device is fantastic. It sends a driving report that shows you speed, directions, location history and more to your phone or computer, so you can track where the vehicle has been. The system uses Google Maps to track the location and the routes.

This is a detailed program that provides tracking of pinpoint positions. You can send real-time notifications to your device, and you can go back later to retrace the routes taken that day. Additionally, you can use geofencing to alert you when the vehicle leaves other places, such as your house, work, schools for children and more.

Under the dash of your vehicle, this system plugs into the OBDII port so you don’t have to think about the battery life. It is also one of market’s cheaper car trackers. The location data, however, may not be as reliable as other costlier versions. The tracker’s location also makes it easier to detect this item; your teen or employee may be able to see (and probably disengage) the tracker based on its plug-in position. In order to function the GPS tracker also includes a monthly continuing subscription.

Veriot Venture

This GPS tracker is our favorite, as it is extremely accurate and user friendly.

Once you turn it on, it is even impressive: the stylish packaging contains a screen that automatically plays an informative video about how the system functions.

The Veriot Venture operates wherever you get a Wi-Fi or a cell phone signal. You simply download the free app on your phone or login online and you can immediately start tracking, as it comes with six months of preloaded service. In our experiments there was a delay of about 30 seconds or less, when driving around, from where the location pin was on the map and where the tracker actually was. This makes it ideal if you want to track a vehicle, your child, your purse, or anything of value. You can also put restrictions for receiving warnings when they are crossed by the system.

If it is not moving the device always goes to “sleep,” which dramatically improves the battery life. It continued to work for more than two days before we had to stop checking and the website says it will continue to run for as many as five, so there’s no need to worry about reloading all the time. It’s evidence of splash and comes with a small carabiner so you can quickly add the tracker to a bag or piece of clothing. One of the only downsides is its square shape which is a bit too big for the normal pocket of pants. The effortless accuracy and affordability of the Veriot Venture makes this our best overall choice.

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

A close cousin of SpyTec is the Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker. Both are small vehicle tracking devices powered by batteries but the Optimus is slightly bigger. The Optimus battery life is better, and the monthly fees are $20 a month.

Unlike web-only monitoring by SpyTec, the Optimus uses both a website and an app.

We considered the position tracking to be more of a connect-the-dots experience than the intuitive turn-by-turn you see from other devices, but it depends on the type of monthly plan you are buying. Upgrading every five seconds to updates could smooth this out.

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