Best Stud Finder Apps for android and iOS

The smartphone has made reaching your loved ones around the world, accessing banking, accessing the site, and a host of other useful features simpler. It’s changed the way people view all kinds of services. An iPhone’s best stud-finder will offer a trouble-free stud finding experience while reducing the costs associated with these otherwise expensive tools.

Many applications of stud finders can locate lost keys, earrings and other metal objects that are misplaced in your house. You can also find metal components embedded in your wall using the proper smartphone software. Digital stud finders operate as well as some of the best available physical ones, although they do not provide a multitude of features. But for your needs they can be a great alternative and will only take a minute to set up. So here are some of the best models you might think about.

Stud Detector

This app allows you to locate metal framing studs, bolts or screws in walls: using your phone’s magnetic sensor, you’ll be able to find out if there’s anything in the wood, and show a light in case the app detects metallic.

Stud Find

Stud Find is one of the best stud-finder apps for iOS users that allows you to locate metal near you quickly. It is an incredible app that transforms your iOS device into a stud-finder tool. For iOS users, it’s easy to use and free app that operates on the principle of magnetic fields and provides you with this metal. This application doesn’t detect non-magnetic objects so your wall should be magnetic and your device should have a built-in magnetometer to make better use of this feature.

Magnetic Stud Finder

The software will use your Android phone to find any metal or wood stud, so you’ll know if there’s anything behind any wall or wood behind it.

Stud Detector by chatterbo

Chatterbox’s Stud Detector is one of the best stud finder apps for android users that allows you to quickly detect metal framing studs. It’s fast, easy to use and it’s free android app that works based on magnetic field and compass applications. You can also use it as your Android smartphone recognizes magnetic field. It has visual feedback indicators and also allows you to quickly modify and adjust the orientation of the screen for free.

Metal Detector and Magnetometer

Through working with this handy application, you can detect metal objects with your iPhone, and find studs under your surface. The Metal Detector and Magnetometer is a versatile performer providing a variety of display options allowing you to assess the position of the ferrous material around you. Whether you may have misplaced your keys or are mapping your studs, this stud-finder is an ideal option for you.

Smart Metal Detector

The highly regarded Smart Metal Detector for iOS devices is a great stud finder app. It is free but in-app purchases is available. This stud-finder is compatible with a range of devices, and needs only iOS 7.0 and later, which is fairer than other solutions that require the latest software update to run.

It was optimized for optimum performance, and through a very good UI, it pays attention to user satisfaction.

Metal Detector by Dexati

Dexati’s Metal Detector is an app that uses a magnetic sensor to identify the metal that is around you. The app lets you search through sensors for your missing item. Android 4.0 and up need this.

Real Metal Detector With Sound

Real metal detector with sound for android users is a pocket stud finder app. The android app is free and simple to use and helps you to quickly get metal close to you. It’s being tested and the app is working on various Android devices. This app can be conveniently used for detecting studs on your android device. This uses a magnetic sensor to locate the metal that is around you. It has an awesome feature that allows you to identify the location of nails and screws to find wood studs.

Toolbox Smart Meter Tools

Application The Toolbox Smart Meter Tools combines 14 useful tools in one. It also includes a Tesla meter, metronome, seismometer, bubble, surface level, and ruler, in addition to the flashlight and barometer. Thanks to the range of features it provides, this handy tool also gives real stud finders a run for their money. While a PRO upgrade is needed to access some of the features, considering the features on offer and the level of performance by each, it is a value for money option.

Metal Detector EMF

Metal Detector EMF is another common stud-finder app for iOS users that detects metal’s presence near you. Only install this app on your iOS device, and use it for free quickly. It calculates magnetic field strength from your smartphone using a magnetic sensor. It’s a beautiful app that helps you locate metallic objects that are concealed underground easily. You can also use this device to track paranormal phenomena around you along with these.

Metal Detector Free Security Scanner

The simple Metal Detector Free Security Scanner also works as stud finder. This choice is very easy to use and is compatible with most iOS versions. This scanner will help you find ferrous metal, even though the components under the surface are fixed. This stud-finder and metal detector is available in a number of languages as well.

Wire Metal Detector

Wire Metal Detector is another stud-finder application that turns your smartphone into a metal detector. It’s safe, simple and easy to use android app for detecting power lines (wires) as well as metal in distance up to 5 inches. It has an amazing feature which uses the magnetic field choice to detect stud and metal. This application allows you to easily find hidden power lines in walls and other places. For better detection the power consumption of these instruments should be greater than 200 Watt.


The free Tesla stud finder is a great choice for your iPhone. This app has been developed for comprehensive performance, and for increased accuracy, it will tabulate various real time measurements. With Tesla, thanks to its advanced gauge and accurate performance you can easily map the position of wiring and other metal components.

The automatic recording feature and standardized format for saved files helps you to record and review data for an even simpler method of managing.

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