Best Productive Apps for iOS

The best apps on your phone for productivity will help you get things accomplished and organize yourself. As quick as smartphones have become, if you don’t have the right resources to go with it the speed will go to waste. And having the best apps on that phone for productivity can help you achieve even more in less time.

If you’re looking to get things done on the go, the top of your to – do list will be to find productivity-boosting features. And, in your search, we can save you time. We’ve got the best productivity apps you can install right now on your iOS or Android device, from note-taking apps and mobile office suites to calendar apps, timers, and to – do lists.


1Password is one of the best password managers on the market, with an ios app that takes full advantage of all the operating system has to offer. This saves you time by speeding up the process of signing into your online accounts, filling out your personal information in the forms, and entering payment credit card details— and all done securely. 1Password is available for a range of platforms (Android, MacOS, Windows) so that all your apps can sync passwords quickly. It’s closely integrated with the operating system on iPhone.


Including a list of applications that will help you get organized without having Evernote would be disingenuous of me. This is because I’m using it for everything. I go to Evernote to brainstorm. I clip the papers into Evernote for later reading. I search papers, and save notes of audio. It’s, essentially, my digital brain. There are apps that do well for some of those things but none that do them all.


ToDoist is the ultimate todo list app that has helped more than 10 million people take control of their lives and get things done in a timely way.

To start using the tool, first enter what you need to accomplish. Then, the intelligent program interprets and categorizes the activities based on your entries.

For instance, if you create a task to “Have lunch with Fred tomorrow at 12 pm #meetings,” ToDoist will automatically schedule a reminder for you at 12 pm tomorrow, and file the task in your “meetings” section.

Yet ToDoist is more than just a tool of personal productivity. These can be used to keep all of the staff on track too. Plan and delegate responsibility for tasks, review project specifics, and track deadlines all inside the app.


You should go for the built-in note-taking feature that is already on your phone when it comes to jotting down ideas. Yet anyone with an iOS device should switch to Moleskine’s Flow which not only won last year’s Apple Design Award but also brought Apple’s honors home for the year’s best iPad app.

Users can draw or take notes on an infinite-wide canvas that allows you to customize anything from your writing devices (virtual pencils, pencils and markers in a range of colors and sizes) to paper (from traditional ivory paper from Moleskine to black, white and blue, with grid options, and more). Flow provides a luxurious drawing experience which completely supports interfaces with iPhone and iPad.


The Asana iPhone app makes it very easy to keep up with the status of the work of your team when traveling or offsite. As a collaborative work-management app, Asana also includes a lot of details and the ios app interface makes it easy to see what you need when you only have a tiny screen at your disposal. The app allows you to tell your teammates the status of all tasks assigned to you easily, enabling you to move them ahead and decide the next steps wherever you are. Although some people refer to Asana as a project management software (and it can certainly be one), it fits exceptionally well for ongoing task management, as well as task that doesn’t necessarily have a set start date, end date and deliverable. Its versatility in helping you handle tasks or ongoing work makes it one of the best applications for promoting productivity as well as collaboration. Asana is now available as a Web app and as an Android app.


I’m so picky about the email apps. Perhaps more than fair, perhaps, but I am. And, I just want to love Apple’s Mail app, but I just can’t, because the opportunity to connect with other users is missing. This is why I deeply love Spark. It’s not perfect (for example, there’s only one preview line), but it interacts with just about every other app and service I use every day, which is why it’s important to me.


Looking for more time to save, be more productive and get better focus? Search for the smart tool you need to add to your stack, no more than Calendar.

When you prepare your day, week, month, and even year, this artificial intelligence-led productivity application is always learning for you and will save you time and effort. Greater part? The more you use it, the more its becomes useful.

For Calendar, you can allow someone directly within the app to select a time and schedule a meeting for you. So you’ll never have to worry about overbookings, as Calendar will automatically save you from any simultaneous meetings.

Calendar, featured in CNN, Inc, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, will also encourage you to dig deep into your calendar analytics and find ways to improve your productivity and save more time.

Drafts 5

Agile Tortoise, now in its fifth version, makes a mean note-taking and quickfire writing device with the appropriately called Drafts.

Fire drafts up, and the app lets you get a simple blank page with a ready keyboard. New entries and comments are put in an Inbox so you can name them later and sort them. Instead, you can convert your jotted-down text notes into documents, tweets, social media posts, emails or messages using any of the hundreds of useful fast actions and app integrations, whereas inboxed posts can be marked for sorting, flagged for significance, or preserved. The text editor is highly customizable itself, enabling you to change anything from spacing to line heights and margins.

A premium subscription allows for simple actions to be inserted and edited; it also introduces themes and icons while adding workspaces and other useful productivity features.

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