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One of the most under-estimated features on mobile phones is the IR blaster. It also becomes rarer and rarer as a feature as these days phones are trying to remove as many ports as possible. Those with an IR blaster are however useful for small things of all kinds. Another such instance is essentially anything with an IR receiver as a remote control. That may include televisions, air conditioners, certain thermostats, cameras and other items like that. Let’s think about remotes from TV today. Here are the best Android Remote TV applications!

SURE Universal

SURE Universal has software available that can help you accept IoT that can be fully integrated into your home. The universal remote control app can be downloaded onto your Android device. It gives you the power to monitor any of your home appliances.

Because of the combination with the standard OCF the SURE Universal remote will follow any widely used protocol. It can also connect to various smart home technologies such as RF, such as Z-wave and ZigBee. It can also connect to network technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi, in addition.

The best thing about this remote control app with Android is that it allows you to send all your images to the TV from your Android device. You can manually transfer the images, and even construct a slideshow. All this strength is in your hand and Amazon Alexa Voice can be incorporated to do all of these.

SURE Universal helps you to monitor over a million of electronic devices. You need an Android device that has an infrared blaster, however. But you can use a Broadlink WiFi-IR blaster for phones with no IR, such as Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9 and Note 5.

Smart IR Remote

Even though you’ll have to pay for this app, it has such a large collection of compatible devices that go far beyond TVs and set top boxes that somebody who wants flexibility will be worth the cost. Color Tiger, the developer of the app, estimates 900,000 devices supported for the Smart IR Remote app, ranging from AV systems to DSLR cameras to Smart Home heating and cooling systems.

Just because this app does have a wide range of potential uses, it doesn’t mean that Color Tiger has forgotten to create great features to control your Television. Every type of TV and set top box has its own interface to use with the app, making it easy to customize the device to suit your particular needs.

It is worth mentioning that Smart IR Remote is only compatible with smartphones such as Samsung, HTC or Medion, as well as some LG phones.

Android TV Remote Control

The Android TV Remote Control acts as a universal generic remote for Android TVs, providing basic D-Pad, touchpad and gamepad functions for controlling the settings of your Android TV. The software also includes support for voice controls, as well as the use of virtual keyboard for text input from your phone or tablet. The software connects over your local network or via Bluetooth to your Android TV.

Google Home

Google Home definitely ranks among the best remote applications. The main function is to control devices running Google Home and Google Chromecast. Which means you’re going to need one of those to make it work. Otherwise it is pretty simple. All you need to do is choose a series, a video, a title track, a picture or anything else. Then you throw it on your phone. It can’t do channel change things like that. It can not change the volume, either. On your phone, though, you can change the volume and that has the same effect. It is only going to get better as time goes by. The app is free of charge. Google Home devices and Chromecast do cost money, though.

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is the tool you need if you’re a person that’s using a lot of the desk computer. From your mobile, you can control your PC as long as it is connected to the same WiFi network.

Nevertheless, you will need to install the mobile app app on your smartphone and the desktop app on your PC where a quick scan from your mobile app will give you the control you need.

Logitech Harmony Home Control

The Logitech Harmony Home Control universal remote configuration makes pairing with its smartphone app a good option. With this package, as well as the Harmony Hub, you’ll get a physical remote and it also qualifies as one of the best universal remotes accessible. You can then download the Android or iOS app, enabling you to control your TV and other smart home devices through your smartphone through the Hub. (Not many universal mobile remote applications operate on Apple phones, as they don’t have IR blasters.)

The Harmony app provides a host of TV-related features including the ability to create a list of favourites up to 50 channels, control volume, control content saved by DVR, and change channels. Because the app operates over WiFi to connect to the Hub, you can hold the Hub inside a closed cabinet and still interact with it, something that can’t be done with a normal remote control over the infrared.


The Yonomi app functions as an all-in – one automation hub app for smart homes and appliances, using a triggered routine system to automate and control over a hundred different devices from a variety of manufacturers.

As an agnostic platform that can work with a variety of systems and automated device discovery through Wi-Fi, Yonomi offers a strong appeal, and the introduction of suggested recipes for specific devices makes things a little more user friendly to set up. You can even set up Yonomi to work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, triggering from common smart speakers the Yonomi routines.


For Roku owners the official Roku app is excellent. The app lets you handle pretty much everything on the Roku. All you’d need is volume for your actual TV remote. The Roku app Remote comes with fast forward, rewind, play / pause, and navigation buttons. It comes with a search with a voice, too. When it comes to remote TV apps it’s not what you’d dream about. All the same, those with a Roku do not need a full fledged remote app anyway. The app is free too.

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