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Looking for a convenient solution for sharing & tracking your position needs? Need to know your kids, friends or family members where they are? Your go-to fix is any reliable tracker app that lets you remotely check your loved ones ‘ real-time location and even monitor your stolen or lost mobile via the’ share location’ option.

With a wide range of phone location tracker applications available to you to choose from these days, it can be a bit daunting to pick the right application. But don’t worry. Today, we’re going to give you a rundown of the eight best Android and iOS location tracker app to find the one that better suits you.


Cocospy is the best way to do it, if you want to track a phone. It is the world’s leading mobile location tracker with millions of users using it to control their location on cell phones. It is because of all the features that Cocospy has. It’s not just any position tracker that points you to the target phone’s location. It’s a lot more.

Cocospy is like a secret detective app that can tell you a person’s whereabouts, without even realizing you’re tracking them. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well this is real. And everything that comes without having to root or jailbreak the target phone that you want to find. That makes Cocospy so different is this. Rarely any other devices are willing to do that.

Find my iPhone

Find My iPhone is one of the best iPhone location tracker apps that lets you locate your spouse’s locations, children, friends, peers, and find the devices that are signed into your iCloud account. Only toggle on the’ family sharing’ option on all iPhones for location tracking.

If the location-sharing feature is not available for any person in your contact list, you can play a sound on their smartphone. It’s an interactive free iPhone app, which currently has three tabs, i.e. People, Devices and Me. Even if it’s offline, the iPhone location tracking app will help you find your Apple device too.


Glympse lets you share location information with your friends with an easy-to-understand gui that clearly shows who’s where. Use it to give an email in order to let others know when to plan a family party. Demand one to find out how much longer your coworker will have to wait in the restaurant. And set up a group to see a map of where all your friends are on movie night in relation to the theatre. It can even be used to get support quicker in an emergency. Glympse is downloadable and free to use.

FamiSafe location tracking

FamiSafe provides a secure and easy-to-use way to track an Android or iOS device. While you can get an Android’s realtime location, the iOS version includes the device’s location history. It also has a geofencing option to get instant updates for check-ins and check-outs. All of this makes FamiSafe the best app out there for locations.

Family Locator & Safety

This app is designed for families or other groups to know in real time where each other is located. Not only can you see where everyone in your community is at any time, but when they leave a place (such as school, work, or home) or arrive at one, you also get updates. You can see all members of the group at a glance too. The software can be used to find lost or stolen phones, in addition. Family Locator & Safety is eligible to upgrade to a Premium version, starting at $9.49.


MSpy is a popular tracker in the iPhone and the Android family. It provides a way to stay connected to your loved ones and keep updated about where they are staying. This provides a real-time cell phone GPS tracker, location history, geo-fencing, contact list tracking and an alert button for children or elderly family members to report emergencies.

This real-time location tracking software has three main products, which include Mobile, Computer and Pack. All of these come with varying price tags.


Spyic is another good solution for phone monitoring. You can use it to track the location of a phone, and do so much more. If anything gives Cocospy a tough feature of the market, it’s Spyic. It also works silently in stealth mode to track the location of the device. The other person is never sure of that unless you tell them yourself.
And it’s not just tracking the position that it does best. Spyic will help you with many other items too. Only when you give it a try for yourself will you know.

Family locator GPS tracker

Family Locator is another location tracking app which you can use. It is developed by Life 360 and runs both on Android devices and on iOS. This sharing location app allows users to easily track one another.

Find my friends

Find My Friends is an iOS app that allows you to share your location at any given time with others. The app must also be open to those you want to share your position with. If you have iOS 9 (or newer) on an Apple device, it’s activated automatically; if not, you can quickly download the app and set it up for use on your handheld device or wearable. You can also use it on or as part of Family Sharing. You can set up alerts based on location, so you’ll know when family members are safe at home. Sharing Done? You can stop at any moment, quickly. Find My Friends is downloadable and free to use.

Google maps

Google Maps is certainly one of the best and most popular mobile family location tracking applications for both iPhone and Android. This has become even more accurate and reliable as a tracking application with a recent addition of’ share position ‘ functionality. It has a user-friendly interface and plenty of choices for tailoring the specifications for real-time location tracking.

The Google location monitoring app also keeps a record of and shows past positions on the timeline. The free app helps you to handle options for sharing, too. You can choose the people for example to share the location and duration. These all make it a definite must for users of iPhone & Android.

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