17 Best Natural Ways to Stay Awake in Morning Work and Night

Didn’t sleep well the night before? A sleepless night has the potential to impact both work and personal life. How do you stay productive after a sleepless night the day after? Even if you might have had a sleepless night, you might still need a productive day. So, there’s best natural ways to stay awake you could read and learn here.

Get Up and Move

Daily exercise lets you maintain a healthy sleep schedule but if you want to sleep well at night, experts recommend stopping late-night exercise. That’s because when you workout, your body produces a lot of energy which can keep you awake.

If you are trying to stay up all night, try aerobic exercise for 30 to 40 minutes. If you don’t want to do a workout, try to get up and move around. Pace 10 minutes back and forth, take a walk outside or do some jumping jacks.

Stay Hydrated

Although coffee or tea can help you start your day, it can dehydrate you too much, or leave you restless. Drinking low or no calorie drinks, such as water or herbal tea, is a good way to stay awake without coffein. Fluids help your blood flow and help your circulatory system. If you have too much caffeine in your headache, fluids can help to relieve it.

Listen to Music

Start the music, and turn the volume up! Play loud music and make sure that it provides a lot of energy.  Bass stirs your mind up. Some songs which may help you stay awake: Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding’s “Outside” tip: listen to something else than you like. Hearing the music you like will keep you in that tired, relaxed mental state.  Don’t forget to sing along.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum helps when you get bored and we get exhausted a lot of times when we get bored. The chewing gum increases your head’s blood flow which prevents you from yawning. A less-than-obvious, but very efficient energy booster is gum, according to a UK research. The study found participants who had been chewing gum for 15 minutes were more alert than those who didn’t, possibly due to a heart rate rise.

Eat a Nutritious Snack

Low sugar in your blood will make you feel foggy and lethargic. Large meals can have the same effect, as it takes energy to digest. When you try to disguise this effect with sugar foods and caffeine, before a sudden collapse you will get a momentary high.

Eating small snacks filled with some nutrients, like magnesium, and good fats is a great way to get the advantages of natural buzz. One study found that a high-fiber breakfast offered the greatest increase in alertness, and also important are high-quality proteins–like those found in eggs. But there’s a wide range of foods that can help keep your energy levels up all day long.

Splash your face with cold water

A splash of cold water over your face will drive your blood upwards, into your head, renewing your energy instantly, making you feel more awake.

Take a Shower

Don’t work a splash of cold water over your face, go and take a shower. I know, it may sound crazy but you need to take a cold shower to stay awake. It will speed up your heart rate and give you a great boost in energy, allowing you to feel awake and alert.

Use energy Scent

Place an essential oil diffuser or scented candles at your desk. Look for good, energizing scents like jasmine, citrus, or peppermint. For help keep you energized, you can also apply essential oil on your hands and temples.

Deep Breath

Calm and relaxed employees make the workforce efficient. Deep breathing shuttles more oxygen to different parts of your body, which can raise your falling energy levels and help keep you feeling zen.

Deep breathing also reduces stress and anxiety which in turn helps boost your immune system and keeps you healthy and strong. But make sure you practice deep breathing in your belly to reap the benefits. try one six-second exercise from a former Googler.

Turn up the Lights

Environments with dim lighting make tiredness worse. Studies have shown that bright light exposure can reduce sleepiness, and increase alertness. Try to increase your light source intensity while at work.

Take a power nap

Having a power nap is the perfect way to get yourself a good energy boost. Make sure you’re not naping for more than 20 minutes or you might wake up more tired. Assure you have a glass of cold water when you wake up.

Take a break from the screen

Give a break to your eyes! Whether you’re focusing on the computer screen, television screen or cell phone screen, you need a break in your eyes. The more focused your eyes become the more sleepy you become. Removing the eyes from the screen for a few minutes would allow them to relax and adapt again.


Comedy can give you a boost in energy. One study found that college students who saw about 12 minutes of comedy routine clips afterwards felt more energetic than those who didn’t watch the clips.

Avoid the heat

The heat is known to put you to sleep. Cooling your environment is one of the best ways to stay awake. 

Get the easy stuff

Focusing on complex tasks can be hard when you’re tired. Whenever possible, perform the simplest tasks when you are exhausted, such as replying to emails, filing documents or reorganizing the desktop of your computer. Your energy will usually recover as you complete these simpler tasks.

Connect with a friend

Doing something with others is one of the best ways to stay awake. Concentrate your mind on something else by speaking with a friend or colleague.


By lightly massaging select pressure points on your body you can give yourself a jolt of energy. Key areas are: the back of your neck, between your thumb and index finger, behind your knees and just under your feet’s balls.

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