13 Productive Things to do Online When Bored

What should you do at home when you get bored? The Internet has never been so rich of content, yet you’re here, bored out of your mind and trying to kill time, yet you can’t find anything that will hold your interest. Oh, I happened to be there.

It’s necessary, of course, to be productive and not to waste time, but everybody needs to escape now and then!

The good news is there’s a lot of ways to kill boredom. If you know where to look, when you are bored there are so many fun things to do online— some of which can even be considered constructive. Here are a few productive things to do when bored!

  1. Chatting with family or friends

You can chat with your friends, family, wife, kids on whatsapp, facebook etc. during the office break, or you can even share what you’re doing by giving them the photos, videos etc. Video messaging is one choice, too, over video calling. So chat and share all your fun, fears and thoughts from the things you’re doing.

  1. Go Around the World on Google Street View

Your boss might disagree but daydreaming could be productive as well. Google Street View is the perfect virtual window to think about your next holiday and de-stress your day. We’ve seen how geeky virtual tours will extend your view of the world or check out awesome Street View mashups. Google Street View offers many more places you can visit in 15 minutes or less. And now, we also have Photo Spheres.

  1. Pick cool new app

One can always reach out to an app in this environment of android and iOS to make their lives a little easier I enjoy searching Google Play for the new productivity apps and games on most boring Sundays, when I’m too sick with checking someone’s social status. I found a lot of applications and chrome extensions that made my work as well as personal life a bit more organized and updated in so many different ways.

  1. Watch Videos

When you are bored, which two sites come to mind first? Netflix and YouTube

Videos are an ideal way of killing time because they’re passive. You have nothing to do — just sit back and zone out and wake up when the video ends, then repeat as much as you want.

But the videos does not have to be mindless! There are hundreds of channels available on YouTube which are both entertaining and educational.

These videos are amazing, because they’re not only fun to watch, but they can expand your mind, teach you new things, and even help you become a more perceptive and empathetic person.

Much of that also applies to Netflix. There are plenty of entertaining and educational series to watch, such as the Mythbusters-inspired White Rabbit Project or the fascinatingly topical Explained.

  1. Surfing and searching

This means you can learn something new by using the internet. Search for whatever you want, be it any subject and you’ll get detailed information on everything you’re looking for. Take use of the search engines and you immediately get the information. With this you can learn a lot of stuff that you may not know otherwise.

  1. Get a virtual assistant

Whether you need to remember answering emails, getting milk or paying your bills, hiring a virtual assistant may not be such a bad option. So to say, to – do lists and time-management apps are a blessing. If you are not all that good at micromanaging your daily calendar, it’s always good to have someone remember those small details for you.

  1. Explore life hack

Have you ever asked about a hidden trick for windows 10, or how to quickly fall asleep? Certainly there is a solution to it. Google’s “life hacks” and getting ready to get your mind blown.

  1. Practice speed reading

With speed reading skills all that reading could become a little easier. Because there’s just too much to absorb, the opportunity to fly through text while knowing it all is important. A free online application like Spreeder will drive you in 15 minutes (@300 words per minute) across the length of 15 A4 sized pages. Removing the vocalization of the words we learn comes with practice, and every day the 15 minutes of that should help build the speed

  1. Improve Pronounciation              

Each word online has its meaning, its use, its grammar, its sentences, its roots and everything from small to large. Through studying the pronunciation online you can develop your speaking abilities.

  1. Play Game

Once bored online there are plenty of games to play: first-person shooter games, puzzle games, strategy and war games, city building games, and even multiplayer board games.

The internet was created for gamers, and places such as Pogo and King make it easy to discover and lose yourself in a world of fun, exciting games.

  1. Search for your career

It’s the perfect way to know what career you’re actually interested in and you can do that online too. Only find out what you want and you’ll see everything. We will be there for you right from the remuneration to the measures to choose a career. People may confuse you with the wrong information, but the internet will provide you with the right information and is more reliable than individuals.

  1. Read Comics or Ebooks

Did you know that there are several ways of reading comics online at no cost? Not only amateur webcomics made available freely, but you can even read comics from DC, Marvel, Vertigo and so on without paying!

I suggest reading ebooks too. A handful of cool sites are available for downloading free ebooks, including titles ranging from classical antiquity to modern-day genre fiction. You can get hours of entertainment value from a single ebook, and you can always take thousands of them on your computer with you.

  1. Blog about your toughts

I hate to admit that, but I hardly ever have time to process my own feelings for all the things I do. That’s one of the main reasons I took up blogging, because somehow when I write (and write better than I speak), I find that I thought well. Writing also helps clarify the thoughts and sometimes it’s the only introspection you need.

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