8 Hobbies you can do on Computers to Make Money or Having Fun

Plenty of hobbies come with a high entry barrier. Money is the worst and the most common. Equipment, materials and/or lessons are required to learn to play an instrument, participate in club sports, resort to alcoholism to forget the pain of a break-up and sculpting.

The barrier I prefer is misery. There are lots of hobbies out there that require nothing more than access, time and dedication to the Internet. The learning curve is high but two of the best feelings in the world are learning something new and making things. Here are hobbies that you can learn right from your desk if you have any sort of device, the ability to download and install a software and the iron will.

  1. Web Design

Thousands of web designers as novices create beautiful designs just for fun daily. Use books and instructional blogs you can teach yourself the basic technical skills. You should start experimenting with your own graphics and templates until you understand the basic principles of web design. Web design gives you the freedom to create simple designs or complicated looks that even professional designers will impress.

When you know how to create a website you can create your own website. Many people enjoy creating personal websites to share pictures and information with friends and family. Some create fan sites that are devoted to a favorite film, novel, or star. This is a fun hobby for most people, helping them to share their imagination and to interact with other internet users.

  1. Gaming

You don’t need a powerful computer to really play a decent game. There are plenty of older games and you can get emulators for older consoles to relive all your favorite titles. There are plenty of free games, and browser-based loads. There’s a whole variety of free games to play with your friends as well. Gaming range from dumbly basic to incredibly complicated, with rich lore and wide universes.

  1. Photo Editing

The Adobe Suite, which contains Photoshop’s latest iteration, has switched toward a monthly payment model such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Now we’ll assume piracy isn’t an option for this article. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your Internet Service Provider could end up with a virus-infected computer or a stern letter Yeah, so I think that’s morally wrong, or so is it. Online tutorials can get you to touch up photos or in no time create fantastic manipulations of light and colour.

  1. Writing

A lot of writers enjoy writing using their computers. For many authors, clicking on the keyboard is easier than having to write by hand. On your computer you can conveniently archive, arrange, and save your written works. You also have easy access to online dictionaries and other useful writing tools while writing on a computer.

Many writers use the Internet to develop their writing and share it with others. For example, writing a blogging journal of your life gives you a way to share your words online with interested people. From food to style, most bloggers post about their passions. Many writers concentrate on creative writing, sharing their stories and poetry online.

  1. Music

Fortunately there’s a whole truckload of free software for music editing, recording, and composition that you can use to make tracks. When you go so far as to put those free software synthesizers and effects on it you don’t even need an instrument or a voice to sing. Besides, you can get a cheap controller and continue your DJing journey.

  1. Programming

You can learn how to create your own computer programs if you learn a computer programming language. Some computer programmers enjoy using their computer to make video games or useful applications. This hobby helps you understand how computer programming languages work and provides you with the knowledge you need to solve your own computer problems. Some amateur computer programmers are enhancing their abilities enough to release their own online games and programmes.

  1. Digital Art

Computers become a popular medium for drawing and painting. You can start on Krita right now. Photoshop is popular with digital artists, but Krita is designed for digital art exclusively, and is free for ever. It has more than enough tools for a young artist: presets for the brush, layering, color grading and tools for pressure sensitivity. That last item relates to the one caveat— most digital artists use a drawing tablet to transfer mechanical skill and hand pressure to the screen with greater precision. While those tablets may be inexpensive, they are not free. It is however possible to make beautiful art with a computer mouse with enough dedication and patience.

  1. Animation, game development and video editing

Perhaps start with some basic stickman-style animations, start adding a little style and setting to the whole thing, talk about a story to bind it all together and you’ve got your own short animated. On the other hand, if you already have any kind of camera available, you will learn how to hack real world photos you’ve made.

Game development is just one of a large number of programming artistic applications Access to a game engine is all you need to start building a video game. The basic framework on which video games are built is a game engine, which provides the tools to do so. Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Engine are two pretty popular engines. Both are used to create best-selling games, both are supported by detailed documentation and interactive tutorials and both are accessible for hobbyists. Another great free software, Blender. With Blender you can create 3D models, characters, and scenes from cartoon to photorealistic everywhere. Using the assets you’ve made, you can create animations in Blender or you can export them to a game engine for use in a videogame. You can also animate using a game engine if you are not in the development of the game.

Game development and animation probably seem to be the most daunting of the hobbies I’ve mentioned, but they’re all similar in theory. Download the program, learn how to use the tools it provides, then allow your creative juices to flow through. No matter which move takes the longest, don’t get frustrated if you are interested in art, music, or games. For the first time, let yourself be a child picking up a crayon and let yourself enjoy the process.

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