10 Productive Things to do on The Computer

Productivity is a significant concept that is necessary in the life of every person. It’s real that an individual gets around 24 hours a day, and how many hours or minutes is it that makes the individual productive?

Effective use of resources at the right time will make efficient only minutes and seconds. There’s no necessity to be productive only for hard work, a few tasks and their effects that are completed in minutes will make the chore productive.

Follow these tips and make your work productive when you are free from real work than you have productive things to do on the computer.

  1. Organize Your Files

I love having all my files organized on my computers. It makes finding whatever it is I am looking for ten times easier. (When you’re a freelancer with 10 + clients that’s really nice too.)

If you are using Dropbox or Google Drive, you can do the same, which I do too. The podcast that I’m part of has a shared folder in Google Drive and we’ve broken down every podcast episode by folder, so it’s easy to see which files go with which episode.

Arranging and keeping your files organized can save you a ton of time down the road. Delete files that you don’t need to free up space while you are going through the process!

  1. Learn a new language

Whether you find you are good at going with your professional skill set, or you want to venture into a new arena that will take you away from your regular working day, how about learning a new language?

Sure, so you’re not getting the need to use a different language at work or at home. But did you know you can exponentially improve your chances of career growth by having multiple languages listed in your resume?

In addition, it also gives you the opportunity to actively discover new fields such as working in organisations that need translators or have people from different geographical regions that speak different languages. Languages also always help.

If you plan to travel to a new location and want to find out more by interacting with local people, or you want to be more friendly to colleagues who may not have the same first language as yours. There’s a plenty of website that provide learning language. So, begin on a trip to learn a whole new language.

  1. Clearance of emails

The best way to clear all the emails in the inbox can be when you have some time left and want to use it beneficially with a computer. It is normal for all workers to have an overflowing mailbox with all the necessary and unnecessary mails. Processing any mail and clearing the mailbox may be one way of dealing with the computer.

  1. Read

Whether fictional or non-fictional, read up when you’re not sure what other productive things to do. Non-fiction like how-to articles, day-to-day newsletters, and community pages can help you stay aware of your environment.

But don’t underestimate the non-fiction opportunities either. Reading non-fiction will make the brain function better and improve its efficiency according to studies at Emory University.

One research suggests that people who stimulate their minds with tasks such as reading, chess or puzzles might be 2.5 times less prone to developing Alzheimer’s disease than those who don’t.

So be sure to stop by a bookstore every time you go shopping, and buy your favorite comics or novels and keep them at your desk. You can also just search online book recommendations through so many blogs that feature read-worthy books, give book reviews and buying details.

  1. Running a Virus Scan

Another useful and efficient way to do a virus scan with your computer can be one. When a virus scan is completed, it would be nice if the computer were to get rid of viruses, and all the data would be secure.

  1. Add items to your shopping wishlist

Take some time to research the electronic gadgets, or the technical books you wanted to buy. Read some review and collect as much pre-purchase information as you need about the item. Most importantly, in your favorite online shopping site, create a wish list and populate it with your favorite items or books that you’d like to buy some day.

  1. Watch Tutorial

Are you really awful at cooking? Do you ever want to know how to sew, draw or play guitar? You might want to get knitting or cosplaying? Do you have a DIY project in mind that you don’t know how to start?

There are a ton of tutorials out there on each and most of them are both entertaining and informative. Try and find a series out there for beginners that can guide you through a certain process step by step.

  1. Network

The introvert inside you might scream right now, but trust us when we say it, networking is vital when it comes to staying on top of your game. If you have free time on your hands, take this opportunity to make yourself visible, and reach out to your industry professionals.

This is also the best time to send a short message or email to a former-colleague you haven’t contacted in a while. Call them up and ask if they are up for a short coffee session.

By networking, you can build a good connection with your peers and this will also facilitate a faster understanding of trends in the industry. This could be one of the perfect productive things to do as you can also evaluate where you are professionally lagging, so you can take appropriate steps to grow.

  1. Backup File

The laptop or system the one uses should be backed up once a month so that no data is lost. In this way, data loss can be avoided and work can be taken on without any hassles. There is tremendous confusion when data is lost, so that data backup is necessary.

  1. Delete unwanted program

See if you run any unwanted services on Linux, and disable them. If you have installed any unnecessary packages, delete them. Go to Add / Remove program on windows, and see if you can remove any unwanted programs from system. This could give you extra disk space, as well as performance.

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