Tips to Increase Productivity on the Computer

No one can argue that the way we work has been changed dramatically by computers.

Gone are the days when people were sitting in offices, piling up piles of paper documents. Computers have brought file storage and organization into and out of the workspace, making communication with each other simpler.

PCs are more common than ever and almost every human is aware of them or knows about them a little or two. Teens are playing video games, software developers are running their programs, and freelancers are using them to make money online. What would be our world if it didn’t have computers?

Whether you’re making a living by working on a computer or just using one in your personal time occasionally, there are tricks on the computer to increase productivity.

Use a bigger screen

In getting more things in view at once, the use of a larger screen or multiple screens (i.e. dual monitors) will help boost efficiency. A maximized window on a large screen, for example, can show much more content within that window than a small screen. As a result, you can read more text, display more graphics and allow less scrolling.

The advantage for a larger screen is the ability to open and display multiple windows at the same time. Copying and pasting, retyping and doing web design or anything that requires different windows or programs can be simpler with several windows open.

Prefer keyboard over your mouse

Each tech-geek will give you one opinion. The first indication that a person is successful computer is using a keyboard rather than a mouse. Learning the keyboard shortcuts will help you save time while you are working. Keeping your hands on the keys will cut down on the amount of time it takes to switch between the keyboard and the mouse. Learn to use keyboard shortcuts particularly for acts you are using a lot. For example, if you are constantly copying and pasting text, you may not need to use the right-click menu on your mouse using the Ctrl+ C and Ctrl+V keys.

Some helpful shortcuts include select all (Ctrl+A), Undo (Ctrl+Z) and, of course, one way to save time by flipping easily between running operations is (Windows + Tab).

Practice typing

Typing quickly makes it quicker and eliminates the need to make corrections, thereby reducing the time needed to complete tasks and increasing the efficiency. Additionally, not having to search and peck for every key on the keyboard would increase the productivity significantly.

Use an up-to-date device

Don’t ignore the incoming software updates on your computer. Keep your drivers up to date, and upgrade the system’s software applications regularly. Install the patch update as soon as it is issued to as much as possible. Through downloading an auto-update program that will automatically install updates and keep your PC secure, you will ease yourself from this burden.

If you’re out there wondering why it takes a long time for your computer to run a program, it may need to update in more ways than one. You may need to install a new RAM, External Hard Drive or SSD, as well as checking you are using the most up-to-date operating system. Doing either of these things will increase the computer’s speed a great deal. This will give you an advantage by helping you to quickly access the programs and read-and-write operations.

Protect Your Most Productive Hours

Ask any talented creative person how they find time to write film scripts, paint portraits, play music, or whatever they do, and most likely they’ll tell you the butt-in – the-chair rule: begin by putting your ass in the chair.

It’s just not as easy as sitting down. Timing always matters. The most successful time of the day for most people is in the morning, not right after you wake up but usually before lunchtime. For the work that matters the most, use those hours. So instead, don’t schedule meetings. Don’t check your email. Don’t touch Social Media. Protect the late hours just the same way, if you’re a night owl.

Upgrade your internet connection

Productivity is all about saving time and that’s just what a fast internet connection will do. Essentially, a faster connection speeds up your internet browser’s load times and reduces the time it takes you to see something online. Big downloads will not be a concern for you either, with a fast Internet connection. Higher download speeds cause file transfers and updates to quicker. Furthermore, websites will open immediately, so you won’t have to wait until another browser is opened while using another one.

In fact, if you’re considering using a VPN to access a blocked website in your area, your internet connection will be as secure as ever. VPN protocols offer encryption but have the downside of reducing the speed of your network. Therefore if your Internet speed is already extremely fast, your response time will not be interrupted by a VPN.

Remove distractions

You can all slow down your productivity by reading e-mail, social networking (such as Twitter and Facebook), viewing videos on YouTube, etc. Removing these distractions from your workspace while you’re working will help you stay more focused on the job and finish the work more efficiently.

Do some clean up work

When you can’t have a newer computer any clean up work can make the existing computer run a little faster.

  • Clean up your hardware: Cleaning up the computer, keyboard, and other equipment will help make things run better. A dirty mouse, for example, may be difficult to move or may suddenly make big movements. To see how to disinfect the computer hardware, go to the computer and its parts for cleaning.
  • Defragment the hard disk: When programs are installed and deleted from the computer, they are mounted on different locations by the disk. Defragmenting transfers and organizes the date on the disk which enables quicker access to the data.
  • Remove viruses or other malware : This can cause the computer to run slower if something has managed to attack the system.

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