The Secret Trick for Windows 10

Windows 10 continues to keep growing in popularity, with recent data revealing that 34.92 percent of PC users are running the operating system.

The figures come with the help of Netmarketshare, an organization that monitors on the internet through operating systems people use. While the company can’t determine every laptop or desktop PC in the world’s operating system, it at least gives us an idea of how well operating systems are doing.

Despite Windows 10 reaching the biggest market share ever, Microsoft is bound to be happy with that.

But, did you know that windows 10 has a lot of secret tricks? If you don’t know, we can provide you with details about the Windows 10 secret trick here.

Shake to clear your screen

Have you ever found yourself with a screen filled with open windows and unable to focus on one? At some point it happens to all of us and since Windows 7 Microsoft has tried to minimize it with a special’ shake’ feature.

For Windows 10 the shake feature still remains and has gone unnoticed by many people. All you need to do is grab, hold and shake the window you want from the title bar along the top Any other open Windows will then close immediately. Shake it again and bring it all back.

Enable Slide to Shutdown

This trick is difficult and probably not worth the effort, but here you go: right-click the desktop and select New > Shortcut. Paste the following line of code into the resulting pop-up window:


It creates a clickable button that can be changed on your desktop. Then double-click on the new icon to prompt a pull-down shade and drag it down to the bottom of the screen using your mouse. Note this is not sleep, this is a shutdown.

Enable ‘God Mode’

Are you a power user searching for nitty gritty access to your PC? “God Mode” is for you. Click the desktop right-click and select New > folder. Re-name with this bit of code the new folder:


To enter the “God Mode” window, double-click the folder and go nuts.

This is it. Now you can see about 40 different settings when you open the folder, including Devices and Printers, Credential Manager, Indexing etc. Based on whether you have a home or pro version and different hardware.

Drag to Pin Windows

This feature was available as far back as Windows 7, but Windows 10 has some extras to it.

Grab any window and move it to the side of the screen, where it will “work” halfway through. In Windows 10, you have the option to drag the window to any corner to have the window taking over instead of half a quarter of the screen. Drag to a border corner when using multiple screens, and wait for a warning signal to let you know if the window should open in that corner.

Using the Windows key plus any of the directional arrow keys will cause similar behaviour.

Secret games with Cortana

Cortana, Windows 10’s voice-powered digital assistant, obviously has a fun side to arranging your meetings and managing your searches.

If you have a bit of wasting time you could play Rock Paper Scissors–all you have to do is type it or say it to Cortana. Likewise, if you don’t have either to hand you can say’ roll the die’ or’ flip the coin.’

Delete Without Confirmation: SHIFT + DEL

Hate the nagging screens that ask you if you really want to do this or that. If you want to delete something easily, use this shortcut without being asked for confirmation.

Would you like to make your default setting to the instant delete route? Right click on your desktop’s Recycle Bin, select Properties, and remove the checkmark next to Display Delete Confirmation dialog.

If you ever run into trouble deleting an in-use file, we’ve got you.

Quickly Jump Between Virtual Desktops

Do you like multitasking on a PC? Microsoft finally gave out of the box access to virtual desktops in Windows 10. So you can really do multitasking right now.

Click on Task View (the icon at the right of the Windows menu) to test it out. It splits all of the open windows and programs into icons. Then you can move all of them over to where it says “Virtual Desktop,” creating a new virtual desktop. That would allow you to split your work apps, personal apps, and social media into different desktops, say.

Through clicking the Windows button+Ctrl+right / left arrows, you can switch between virtual desktops if you hit Task View. This will allow you to turn seamlessly between all the open windows you’ve split into various desktops, thus leaving all the icons unmoved on your desktop.

To remove the virtual desktops, simply go back to the task view and delete the individual virtual desktops— this won’t close the applications in that window, but transfer them to the next lower desktop.

Mixed Reality Viewer

The Windows 10 3D Viewer application lets you play with 3D models— either those you built in Paint 3D or downloaded from Microsoft’s product library. If you own one of the Windows Mixed Reality partner headsets for Microsoft or want to start playing around with the creation of 3D and mixed reality, this software is your way to start leveling up.

Stop Typing, Start Dictating

Speech recognition has always been a strong suit for Microsoft, but recent releases of Windows 10 have made it almost second nature. You can use the Windows Key-H hotkey combination at any time to pop up a box which records your voice through the microphone of your Windows machine and dictates the speech in your current text field. You will still need to type manual punctuation, but by dictating emails, messages and more, you save yourself some typing.

Revamped Screen Capture Tool

Screen capture is another feature where the accessibility difference with macOS finally closed with Microsoft in the October 2018 Patch. Instead of the clunky Snipping Tool, you can now use a quick Shift-Windows key-S button to take a full-screen or rectangular screen capture to bring up a new clipping utility called Snip & Sketch (previously included with Windows Ink). It is like the screen-capture method in macOS Mojave but with the additional functionality of digital inking.

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